We exist to reinstate pride in farming as an economically desirable and environmentally sustainable profession by equipping farmers and youth with hi-tech farming solutions

During community visits and 1 month community immersion process, it was identified that there are certain organisations which are promoting organic farming as it requires very less water irrigation compared to conventional farming and reduces costs for farmers.

But irony was, despite being organic certified, the economic level of the farmers was quite low. They were motivated to pursue the organic agriculture. The root cause identified was: No market/buyer to pay the premium price for organic produce. They have been selling their crops in regular granaries. Only a few companies used to pay them 5-10% above the MSP of regular crops.

Organic Crops retail at a price that is 300-500% more than the price paid to farmer. No government MSP exists exclusively for Organic crops. This brought us to build a direct selling sustainable network for these farmers, where we pick the crop up from farms and deliver at doorstep. We believe that sustainable business is when we give our farmers 10% above the market price, charge our customers 20% less and still make margins of 30%.


  • Our society faces repercussions of unsustainable agriculture. By 2050, 80% of Rural population of India would reside in urban cities, with less no. of farmers and double population to feed posing threats of Food insecurity.
  • By 2018, ground water level has already fallen by 85%, agriculture is adding to Environmental Crisis such as air pollution, water pollution, deforestation, and increased toxic particles in the food chain.
  • Inaccessibility of farmers to direct markets leading to restrictions on the farmer in adopting organic farming.
  • Exploitation by middlemen leading to diluted profits.
  • No government MSP exists exclusively for Organic crops

Know Your Farmers

You may trace the farm on which your crop has been grown and the farmers who grow it.


Dear Bhawna and SOTIYO Team, I am an organic user since past 10 Years. Based in Delhi, I have been purchasing the packaged wheat flours from various leading brands. Ever since we started using organic wheat supplied by you, we really don’t know how to express our thanks to you and the farmers who had put up their heart & soul to grow this type of organic wheat. Its chapatis are so soft in texture, tasty and very easy to digest. We never faced any heaviness in our stomach after eating chapatis of this wheat flour. All courtesy goes to you and your team who are working on fields. We would continue to purchase same wheat as cannot switch back to any other brand. Once again thank you & your team for the best quality products.